Events for 2013:

January 18th - Club members Holiday Party at Joe & Andrea Pratt's House.  Bring a covered dish and paper plates.  We will be deciding on public nights for 2013.

February 8th - We will view the video "The Electric Universe"

March 8th - We will view an Amateur Astronomy Video.

April 12th - "Journey to the Stars" video will be presented.

May 11th - We will be cleaning the observatory in the morning to prepare for public star parties.

May 31st - This will be the first public observing event. There will be a lineup of the planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury & Saturn.

June 22nd - We will have our annual solar picnic. We will meet at 11 AM and plan to conclude around 3 PM. We have special filters for our scopes so that you can look at the sun through our telescopes. Never look at the sun without the special filters, we have those available for you.

July 12th - Saturn will be up in the sky and we should be able to get a good view of it through the telescopes. We will have scopes available or you can bring your own and we will help you point it at Saturn.

August 9th - We will be viewing the Perseids through the scopes. Feel free to bring your own or we will have scopes there for you to use.

September 13th - The moon and some of the outer planets will be available to view through our scopes. Come and enjoy them with us.

October 4th - This will be our last public viewing night and we will be sharing the Fall Constellations with you.

November 8th - At this meeting we will be back at the Fisher Community Center. Someone will be presenting an update on Comet Ison.

December - We typically do not have a December meeting because everyone is busy with holiday plans.

January 2014 - This is the time we normally have our holiday party for members. Stand by for more information.

We will have viewing if the skies are clear. If you have a question about whether we will have an event, please call (641) 751-8744.